Educational Role of Language

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The book’s subject matter is consistent and cohesive and the issues it raises – well-arranged and thought over. Its entirety is focused on language and different ways of interpreting its role. It is presented dynamically, which signals the occurrence of subsequent publications concerning these issues. It includes extensive theoretical grounds and numerous examples of research. Not only neglected areas of children’s language education are shown, but also proposed directions of changes inspired by constructivism and the potential children themselves have.

prof. dr hab. Agnieszka Nowak-Łojewska



Michał Daszkiewicz, Ewa Filipiak, Anna Wasilewska, Ryszard Wenzel




Michał Daszkiewicz, Anna Wasilewska


Section 1: Man – Language – Reality vs. Language Education ­– Anna Wasilewska

Section 2: Educational Role of Language – Its Multi-faceted Scope and Its Social Complexity - Michał Daszkiewicz


Area 1: Potential of Language for General Education

Language and the quality of general education – Ryszard Wenzel

Area 2: Language Activity of Children

Child – active researcher and constructor of his/her own language system. From the potential of possibility to realisation in everyday educational practice– Ewa Filipiak

Area 3: Personal Experiencing of Language

Construction of personal language critical educational incidents – Michał Daszkiewicz

Area 4. Linguistic Matrixes of Reality Interpretation

Expansion of the linguistic paradigm in studies on childhood and school – Anna Wasilewska



1. ERL I Conference (2016) keynote address outline – Ryszard Wenzel

2. ERL Network’s scope and activity

3. ERL project participant form

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