Food in Central Europe - ed. Aleksandra Drzał-Sierocka, Magdalena Tomaszewska-Bolałek

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Food in Central Europe: Past – Present – Memory


Spis treści

Janez Bogataj, Culinary and Gastronomic Cultural Heritage and Present Day Food Culture of Slovenia

Anikó Báti, Past and Present in Hungarian Food Culture

Paulina Kakareko, Bagel and Bialy: A Nostalgic Bite of Eastern European Past in the USA

Albena Shkodrova, In the Network, Out of the Network. Food under Bulgarian communism, as remembered by 15 North American visitors

Astra Spalvēna, Conceptualization of Food in Cookbooks of Soviet Latvia

Lucia Trlicová, Food and Diplomacy: The Meaning of Diplomatic Culinary Culture in Sarajevo

Marzena Keating, The Visibility of Eastern European Ethnic Food Stores in Ireland as Exemplified by Polish and Lithuanian Shops

Aleksandra Drzał-Sierocka, Vegetarian Fish? The Paradoxical Status of Fish in Poland as Non-Meat (and Non-Animal)

Małgorzata Kowalewska, Meaning of Bread in Polish culture. Craft of Baking, Rituals, and Language

Agata Stronciwilk, Community, Feast and Gift: Food in Polish Performance. An Introduction

Justyna Kramarczyk, The Rise of a New Alternative Food Culture? Eating Habits of Polish Slow Lifers according to the Research Project Results

Marianne Mbaye, Food and Identity. An Essay about Food, Migration and Socio demography in Contemporary France


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